For nearly three decades, I either reported on the newsmakers or served as a spokesman for them. When the opportunity arose that allowed me to trade all that in to pursue a simpler life, I grabbed it with both hands. Now, I live in a quaint rural setting in East Texas with my beautiful wife and two dogs, and not too far from my children and grandchildren. When I’m not trying my hand at writing novels, I’m exploring ways to be creative in the kitchen, garden or workshop.

I got into the journalism world via the Air Force, which allowed me to write about military life in Louisiana, Spain, Saudi Arabia and California. I succumbed to the lure of traditional journalism and landed at a daily newspaper in Northern California. I worked my way up from the copy desk to associate business editor. The necessities of life eventually forced me to branch out into the more lucrative world of marketing and public relations. Bookending this career focused on communications were jobs stuffing hams, selling carpets and kitchen cabinets, managing a restaurant and running a county fair. Along the way, I earned degrees in public affairs, industrial technology and public administration.

All of this eclectic experience means I have plenty of real-life experiences to draw upon to build characters for my writing. Invisible Defense is my first foray into novel writing. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I had writing it.

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